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Crossover Fanfiction Finders
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18th-Feb-2019 07:35 pm - Various GoT crossovers
Team Tensai
Hi. I hope someone will be able to help me. I am looking for a bunch of oneshots (?), probably a series different characters from other fandoms fix things in GoT. I. Believe the different fandoms are Star Wars, Avengers, Harry Potter and Naruto.
I believe I’ve read it either on Ao3 or ff.net.

Thanks in advance
4th-Sep-2018 12:17 pm - Old BTVS/ Xena or Hercules Crossover

I am looking for a fic where Xander, Willow, Spike, and Angel were sent to Ancient Greece.  They were two couples. It was either a Xena or Hercules crossover.     I remember Buffy and others found out and followed them there, trying to break up the new couples, and it had something to do with the twilight of the Gods.   When they got back to modern times, they were new Gods, except for Buffy, who couldn’t or wouldn’t believe they were together and were against them.  It is a very old fic.

27th-May-2017 01:09 am - Immortal Xander crossover
I cannot find this crossover...

I know it started with Xander dieing in Spike's arms and then reviving there.  They go to Angel in LA because Spike is acting like Xander is his Childe.  Angel contacts the other watchers and they send Adam Pierson.  They all meet and realize that they are all part of a prophesy.

I think it had death in the title and I would not be surprised to find it is only able to be found on the way back machine or other ways to find fics that have been removed.  It has been teasing me all day.  Help please!
19th-Jun-2016 11:51 pm - can't find it.
I can't find it. I once read a story where the PTB transferred  members from the BTVS crew and AI crew to the Anita Blake verse.
They arrived in boxes that you can see through and some beings, the PTB, explained to Jean-Claude and friends that the ones in the are hero's from another dimension or world.

They all are assleep and will wake up soon. The PTB left them some property and enough money. The ones in the Boxes should be Buffy, Dawn, Faith, Xander, Willow, Cordelia, Spike and Illyria. I can't remember or there were more persons but I don't think so.

Spike finds out he can walk in the sun after his Pomme de sang is attacked. He ran out in the sun to save her.

Argh I really can get annoyed when I can't find a story. I start searching and typing senteces in google to find the story but so with no luck.
So anyone????
13th-May-2016 04:51 pm - Harry Potter / LOTR fanfic
Hello, im looking for a HP/LOTR crossover fanfic, here is what i do remember

Harry, Hermione and perhaps Ron somehow gets transported to MiddleEarth, where they creates a school, A medicine school I think. Its very popular, everyone travels there to learn. I also remember gryffindor's sword being used to decide harrys apprentice/son.

Thank you!
3rd-Nov-2015 05:48 am - 2 twilight/harry potter fics
They were both set in forks, and Harry is the main character.

1) harry is a vampire and help Emily with groceries and she invites him back to her house. He is an engineer and draws a playground for Clair? I think one of the wolves imprinted on him.

2) the second one is harry was raised by the Cullen's then went to hog warts and is coming back home, he has a band and is soulmates with Edward but doesn't say anything and gets sick because of it. Draco comes to visit and help harry
Attempting to restock my new laptop with favored story that were on my stolen laptop. This one is a series of three or four stories. The first has Napoleon taking Ilya on vacation to a Scottish castle to recover from a rough assignment. Because of his ill, drugged state Ilya can sense the ghosts of a Scottish lord and the younger brother of his wife, who he actually loved and died from a tumble down a stone stairway. Ilya ends up reunited the tragic lovers while falling into his own affair with his partner. Another story had new new couple having to move into a safe house with two other UNCLE agents. I thing one of them was April Dancer. The last story is a BatB crossover where Catherine starts working for UNCLE. Some of the children from Below bring her something that she has to bring to Ilya's attention. During a visit to her home, Solo and Ilya meet Vincent.
10th-Jan-2015 09:52 am - angel/dawn ATS/BTVS XOVER
at the end of season 7 dawn goes to leave with angel instead of going to europe with buffy
dawn ends up in a realashonship with angel
i think this is a smut fic with a couple of chapters
28th-Oct-2014 12:34 pm - BtVS/Supernatual/SG-1?
This has been bugging me for a few weeks now.
I can't remember a lot of the details though, however here is what I do remember.
-Xander central fic
-He is moved to a different reality
-He is de-aged back to high school
-He knew the Winchester boys from his reality (Sam at least was pack)
-Finds the Winchseters in this reality and Sam gets a memory download (don't remember how full)
-Xan winds up an emancipated minor
-Sam (& Dean ?) stay in an apartment in the same complex as him so they can go to school while John hunts

This I'm not sure of - I think they are living in Colorado Springs and make friends with Jon O'Neill but....

Does this seem familiar to anyone?
26th-May-2014 08:09 pm - FMA/Hellsing crossover
Does anyone know (or have) WTFWonder's FMA/Hellsing crossover fics? Or could you recommend some?
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