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2 twilight/harry potter fics 
3rd-Nov-2015 05:48 am
They were both set in forks, and Harry is the main character.

1) harry is a vampire and help Emily with groceries and she invites him back to her house. He is an engineer and draws a playground for Clair? I think one of the wolves imprinted on him.

2) the second one is harry was raised by the Cullen's then went to hog warts and is coming back home, he has a band and is soulmates with Edward but doesn't say anything and gets sick because of it. Draco comes to visit and help harry
7th-Nov-2015 09:23 pm (UTC)
#2 is "Nothing Left to Hold" by Branwen777. The author I think took it offline for the most part, but I have found a link to a PDF of the fic. :)

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