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Man from UNCLE/Beauty and the Beast (Solo/Ilya) 
20th-May-2015 10:39 pm
Attempting to restock my new laptop with favored story that were on my stolen laptop. This one is a series of three or four stories. The first has Napoleon taking Ilya on vacation to a Scottish castle to recover from a rough assignment. Because of his ill, drugged state Ilya can sense the ghosts of a Scottish lord and the younger brother of his wife, who he actually loved and died from a tumble down a stone stairway. Ilya ends up reunited the tragic lovers while falling into his own affair with his partner. Another story had new new couple having to move into a safe house with two other UNCLE agents. I thing one of them was April Dancer. The last story is a BatB crossover where Catherine starts working for UNCLE. Some of the children from Below bring her something that she has to bring to Ilya's attention. During a visit to her home, Solo and Ilya meet Vincent.
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