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Attempting to restock my new laptop with favored story that were on my stolen laptop. This one is a series of three or four stories. The first has Napoleon taking Ilya on vacation to a Scottish castle to recover from a rough assignment. Because of his ill, drugged state Ilya can sense the ghosts of a Scottish lord and the younger brother of his wife, who he actually loved and died from a tumble down a stone stairway. Ilya ends up reunited the tragic lovers while falling into his own affair with his partner. Another story had new new couple having to move into a safe house with two other UNCLE agents. I thing one of them was April Dancer. The last story is a BatB crossover where Catherine starts working for UNCLE. Some of the children from Below bring her something that she has to bring to Ilya's attention. During a visit to her home, Solo and Ilya meet Vincent.
10th-Jan-2015 09:52 am - angel/dawn ATS/BTVS XOVER
at the end of season 7 dawn goes to leave with angel instead of going to europe with buffy
dawn ends up in a realashonship with angel
i think this is a smut fic with a couple of chapters
28th-Oct-2014 12:34 pm - BtVS/Supernatual/SG-1?
This has been bugging me for a few weeks now.
I can't remember a lot of the details though, however here is what I do remember.
-Xander central fic
-He is moved to a different reality
-He is de-aged back to high school
-He knew the Winchester boys from his reality (Sam at least was pack)
-Finds the Winchseters in this reality and Sam gets a memory download (don't remember how full)
-Xan winds up an emancipated minor
-Sam (& Dean ?) stay in an apartment in the same complex as him so they can go to school while John hunts

This I'm not sure of - I think they are living in Colorado Springs and make friends with Jon O'Neill but....

Does this seem familiar to anyone?
26th-May-2014 08:09 pm - FMA/Hellsing crossover
Does anyone know (or have) WTFWonder's FMA/Hellsing crossover fics? Or could you recommend some?
Hello, I'm looking for ANY crossover with pairing of John "Reaper" Grimm and Harry Potter. I remember reading some really good ones a couple years ago but now I can't find any ;( They were probably lost in the purge of fanfiction net. So I beg You all if someone has a story like this please send me a link to a site where I can read or download it. Please help!
19th-Apr-2014 11:28 pm - OHSHC and Harry Potter
Hi! I'm looking for a fic that I think I read on, but it could have been somewhere else. In it, I remember that Harry Potter had transferred to Ouran and was friends with the host club, especially Mori. At one point, he gets the impression that Mori was only spending time with him because Mori felt guilty for Honey's cavity and was spending time with Harry as a way to punish himself. I also think that Harry was friends with Draco, but I might be getting it confused. If anyone knows this fic, I'd really appreciate some help relocating it.
2nd-Apr-2014 09:00 am - Gentlemen's club in the desert
I'm looking for a series of stories about an exclusive private gentlemen's club in the middle of the desert, possibly Nevada. It's a Nass crossover with CSI, CSI New York, Being Human, Torchwood, NCIS, Nagnificent Sevev, Firefly, and a few others I can't recall at this time. All men; no women allowed, except for Lady Heather (I think she's co-owner).
Scenes I remember: JD Dunne applying for a job after hacking their system; two or three motorcyclists blasting through the security perimeter and right into the kitchen; a reporter trying to bluff his way past main gate security using rhe ID of his brother who is involved with Danny Messer's old gang. Thanks for any help in finding this.
I am looking for a Dean/Angel fic, I read it at least four years or so ago here on LJ before Castiel was introduced and before Angel/SPN crossovers became popular. What I remember is that they got together before the season finale of Angel and Dean comes back to the spot where he died with Sam, but what he doesn't know is Angel and I think Spike? were watching from the building above them. I think the author implied there would be a sequel. Sorry if this is too vague.

thanks in advance!
5th-Jan-2014 03:46 am - was wondering
recently I stumbled across a few dean/spike fic and was wondering if there was possibly anymore out there. I've read all of virtual personal's and they were excellent.if this post isn't allowed herer I'm sorry and come someone please tell me where I can find out thanks in advance
30th-Nov-2013 02:07 am - Looking for HP/Twilight fics
Slash Gambit
I am looking for I believe 2 different HP/Twlight fics.

1)I remember bits and pieces. It is Slash, and Wizards from England come to collect the Shifters, but were surprised by the fight from the wolves and the assistance of Harry, the Cullens and I believe Selkies ( they came from the sea). The Wizards in England seem to be doing a Genocide, with Umbridge and Fudge leading the charge. People who were "different" were being rounded up and sent to "camps"; they are being killed. Harry goes back to England with the wolves and Cullens to help stop this madness. I think at the end Harry goes to a party with the American Ministry and Edward hears Harry's title.

2) Slash! After seeing Voldemort in the Ministry, Fudge Slaps a collar on Harry, which suppresses his magic. Only his mates can unlock, which are Edward and Jacob.

Can anyone help me find them?
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